Sunshine Social Development Organization

Buddhabhumi -10, Chetradei Kapilvastu, State-5


Sunshine social development organization (SSDO) is nongovernmental, nonpolitical, nonprofit making social development organization,
established in 2055 Bs (1998AD) as a Sunshine Youth Club by some local Youths and registered in the same year in the district administration office, Kapilvastu under the social organizations act 2034 BS. It is affiliated with social welfare council and NGO federation Kapilvastu. It has been working in the field of extreme poverty especially for dalit, janjati, women, and children and source less people who are deprived from basic needs: health, education and drinking water. It focuses its programs in the socially, politically and economically excluded communities for their mainstreaming. Social justice is the motto of the organization.

सनशाइन सामाजिक विकास स‌स्थाकाे कार्यसमिति पदाधिकारी, कर्मचारी र यू एम एन बीच त्रैमासिक बैठक